What this blog is all about?

Friendship quotes land is a blog which is dedicated to all types of amazing quotes ranging from inspirational, motivational quotes to quotations by famous people. Be it a popular scientist, doctor, engineer, actor or actress, this blog covers all.

We have covered a wide range of authors, celebrities, sport stars, famous people and common people too. All the sayings are show-cased into separate categories for a better user experience and to make sure that it becomes easier for the users to navigate through the quotes.

Apart from the text, we have shared images related to a particular quotation. Why? Because images look good and are easily shareable. All the latest quotations will also be covered in this blog. If you want to share quotes with us, you can visit our contact page and submit the quote. You can also share the same by visit our facebook page. We are available on other social platforms like twitter and instagram.

Why we started this?

Our mission is to cover all the quotes that readers will proudly share within their friend-circle and beyond.  We are looking forward to grow our audience base up to a million monthly users within next six months.

Our vision is to create a web space that inspires readers and make them smile

Keep reading and stay motivated!