Bestfriend Goals and Signs You Are True BFF Goals

Life is a gift. The ride through life is made even more beautiful if you have the company of good friends. Down below are five best friend goals that every man/woman sets/should set.

best friend goals

There can be many friends, depending on your social skills and luck, and as they say, quality is better than quantity. Friends are the engineers who help us design the memories everlasting. You can be walking down the street and that one conversation can be the one you turn back to on your bad day. Some are wise, some are funny, some adorable, and some might be snarky, but all precious and irreplaceable.

But there are friends, and there is the asshole. We have the good, the wonderful, and the pain the ass that makes our life a hell that’s never boring. You got it right; we’re talking about “The best friend”.

The ride of life is surely a long one, and setting goals is the only way you can keep track of where you’re headed. Same goes for all the relationships you have, including friendship (Bestfriendship specifically). If you ask me what are best friend goals,  i will recite the following list.

1. Raising bars for fun

It’s not easy orchestrating all the mayhem that’s called “having fun” these days. It’s always a running competition (or should be) between best friends to raise the bar on raising hell. Life is made fun by innovative buffoonery and who else to place the creative head of that on your board of friends- You know!
If you have watched any movie that celebrates the dumb things best friends do, you know that in life fun should be like Barney’s “get psyched” playlist- All up!

2. Becoming the most “You”

There’s a really great quote by legend, the poet, and the late lead singer Jim Morrison of the rock and roll band, The doors that sums up this point perfectly.

“Friends can help each other. A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself – and especially to feel. Or, not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them. That’s what real love amounts to – letting a person be what he really is.”

Understanding yourself is a journey everyone has to embark on alone. Best friends never hinder that progress and just by being themselves, they allow you to be yourself. It should be the goal amongst the friends for life- Helping each other with realizing the true potential that lies within.

3. Sailing through the mud together

We’ve all heard the line, “Life is not all fun and games.” True that!
There is no way you can avoid the pain in this life. Your interview with lady hardship is inevitable. In some lives it’s a soap opera that goes on all week, and for some lucky people it’s monthly or yearly. But
When it rains, the best friend goal is to be an umbrella. To keep the worst away, and to simply, be there when it’s muddy.

4. Building an empire together

The boss friends aim for nothing less than a huge empire. It’s joining your trajectories to make a future that the whole circle can enjoy. What can be better than riding around having fun with friends, in your limo, on the way to a five star hotel you own (Dream big, to achieve big)
The best thing about strong friendships is the willingness to explore together without self-interest. At the base of every great relationship, there’s trust.

5. The Gifts

True friendship maybe the biggest gift there is, but there are always things that can make it more interesting. The surprise birthday parties, the midnight rides, the wingmanship that introduces you to the love of your life and on and on the list goes. It’d best friends business to know what you want and the goal is to get it to you. You won’t know what hit you. Best friends are the people who make the wonderful happen. And the best thing is, you don’t have to ask for it.

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Signs you Are True Best Friend Goals

Bff makes our life unforgettable. Apart from knowing each other better than way around the mall, here’s how to know you and your besty are genuine best friend goals.

You can’t go anywhere without the other
That’s true. You just don’t feel like going anywhere without your bff.

Basically you cannot shop alone
Whenever you feel like shopping, you ask each others opinion.

Forever strong bonding
It doesn’t matter how much you irritate your best friend, you can’t get of her. There’ll be time when you will stop talking to her (like for 5 minutes), but the bond will remain strong.

She’s got your back
You do stupid stuff together and help each other no matter what. If anyone tries to cross you, she’s got your back.

You find others clothes in your closet
If it happened to you, you have achieved the bff goal. Moreover, there’s a fine possibility the two of you have similar outfits (at least one).

Planning Life together
Apart from setting goals together, you planned out your life together.

Sisters by bond but not blood
You pick each other when other is down. You are not blood-related but you are sisters basically.

Pretend to be girlfriends (on demand)
Did it ever happen that a weird guy tries to hit on you and you faked to be girlfriends.

This concludes our top five best friend goals list and the signs. What are your best friend goals? Tell us about them in the comments section. If you like the article, share it with your friends, and celebrate the gift of life.

Bestfriend Goals and Signs You Are True BFF Goals
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Bestfriend Goals and Signs You Are True BFF Goals
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